Plasser American To Help Students at Three Chesapeake Title I Schools Return to Class “On the Right Track” Kickoff Event Will be August 12 at 10 am

No group likely needs more support after 16 months of a pandemic than our public school teachers and students.

That’s one of the reasons Plasser American, which builds Maintenance of Way equipment to maintain railroad tracks nationwide at its plant in South Norfolk (Chesapeake), is commencing a program called “On the Right Track.”  As Plasser American is commemorating its 60th anniversary in the United States for being on the right track in the rail industry, the company is also embracing how important it is to be on the right track in our communities.

The kickoff will be Thursday August 12 at 10 am outside Plasser American’s North American headquarters and manufacturing facility, 2001 Myers Road in Chesapeake, that will include a presentation of $1,000 checks to the principals of three Title 1 schools in the area:

  • Truitt Intermediate
  • Thurgood Marshall Elementary
  • W. Carver Intermediate

Principals from the three schools will be in attendance to receive the monetary donations, which they will use to purchase school supplies. Plasser will also provide each school with $250 in gift cards from local restaurants and another $250 worth of games and other fun items for the students. Representatives from Plasser American will be presenting the checks right before the children return to school.

“The schools will use the gift cards to incentivize good attendance and other positive activities, so the kids will remain on the right track,” says Danielle White, Project Coordinator for Plasser American.  “We are located here in South Norfolk / Chesapeake and believe we have a responsibility to the community around us.”